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With over 25 years of experience, Moldtherm is a leader in the manufacturing of tools, molds and devices for thermoforming.

Moldtherm has 2 locations in Mexico, our office in Monterrey, and a manufacturing site in Saltillo, where we manufacture & can service tooling of up to 20 tons.

What we do Molding tools for

  • Load floor
  • Wheel arches
  • Package trays
  • Tail gate
  • Engine insulation
  • Dash insulation
  • Automotive floor carpet
  • Engine side insulators
  • Wheelhouse liners
  • Underfloor modules
  • Wheel / Load side trims

Process Technologies

  • Compression forming
  • Free or with tension frame systems
  • Die-cutting (by-pass cutting, kiss cutting)
  • Sliders systems
  • Heated or cooled tools
  • Water jet cutting cradle
  • Vacuum forming
  • PU injection

What we do Molds of

We are vastly experienced in manufacturing a wide range of molds for thermoforming, thermocompression, vacuum molding and PU injection. Moldtherm manufactures molds for the entire automotive line with high quality standards, using a variety of materials for applications in finishes, coatings, acoustic and thermal insulation.

What we do Control Devices

Moldtherm develops custom control devices according to customer requirements.

What we do Devices for cutting and assembly

Moldtherm manufacture devices for cutting, drilling and assembly with hydraulic or pneumatic drives. The team at Moldtherm pride themselves on constantly developing methods to improve productivity, always adhering to the strictest safety standards.

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Corporative Ave Batallon de San Patricio 109 Int a Piso 17, Valle Ote San Pedro Garza Garc
San Pedro Garza Garc, NL C.P. 66260-CR - 66252

Manufacturing Plant Avenida Primera, 181, Calle Tercera, Los Cerritos, Saltillo, Coah

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